Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) in collaboration with the Government of Alberta have opened up a select number of data-rich areas to the public to fuel creative ideas and solve challenges.

Open Data Areas Alberta Project

Open Data Areas Alberta (ODAA) is a new undertaking being spearheaded by Alberta Data Partnerships to put extensive data in the hands of those who can use it. Datasets from six key rural areas across Alberta is available for no cost to inspired entrepreneurs, SMEs and creative problem solvers. These will include earth observation, remote sensing, geospatial data, environmental data, and social and economic datasets from private industry and government.



Check out the sites below for more Open Data

AltaLIS Open Data

Alberta Open Data Portal

Group on Earth Observation – Data Portal

European Space Agency – Copernicus Open Access Hub

United States Geological Services (USGS) – Landsat Data Access


The Open Data Areas Alberta project will also introduce an exciting funding opportunity. Through an agreement with Alberta Economic Development and Trade, ADP will be able to offer SMEs and industry grants for pre-commercial development of technology based tools utilizing the data provided through ODAA, and focused on the needs of industry and/or government. There are two ways to acquire funding, either to solve pre-developed industry challenges, or propose a problem you want to solve using the datasets.

ADP and Alberta Economic Development and Trade are pleased to announce the second group of SMEs to receive funding through the ODAA initiative; Geomatics Data Management and Solstice Canada Corp. They join GeoAnalytic Inc, SensorUp Inc and Waterline Resources Inc which received ODAA funding in 2017. Please see the ODAA Project Funding Release Communication for more information.

At this time there are no plans for further request for ODAA proposals.


Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP) in collaboration with the Government of Alberta have developed Open Data Areas Alberta (ODAA), and will provide pre-commercialization funding for SMEs to support the goals of industry and government. The Open Data Areas are representative of provincial (and global) land cover types and encompass a range of recreational, commercial, and industrial activities.

ADP would like to thank our government and commercial data partners for supporting ODAA, and providing Albertans with this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Government of Alberta: Alberta Economic Development and Trade provided funding, Alberta Environment and Parks provided support for data collection and project administration, and Alberta Open Government Program provided the licence that was adopted by Open Data Areas Alberta.

AltaLIS provided infrastructure and Helpdesk support

Incite provided marketing, communications, and web development support


Data Providers and Supporters


Data Users

ODAA Data User Licence

By using any of the cost free ODAA data you are agreeing to the conditions of the ODAA Data User Licence. It outlines the few terms and conditions that must be upheld. Download and read the full licence here.

Users must attribute their sources and when possible, link back to the User Licence. There are a few minor restrictions that this licence does not grant access to, such as the names, crests, logos, or other official symbols of the Information Providers. Lastly, this data is licensed as is.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence

The “Satellite Monitoring Imagery” data sets provided by Planet are distributed under a Creative Commons licence. It is similar to the ODAA Data User Licence, but any products created using the “Satellite Monitoring Imagery” data must also be distributed under the Creative Commons Licence. Please read the Licence carefully and contact Planet if you have any questions.

Data Providers

ODAA Data Provider Licence

All Open Data Areas Alberta data providers must complete and return the licence agreement prior to posting data. Learn more about becoming a data provider.


When is the deadline for proposals?
October 27, 2016

No call for proposal deadlines at this time....

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Who should I contact if there is an error in the data I have downloaded?

All data is provided as-is from the data provider and they should be contacted if there are any erro...

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