RMH Sylvan

Lidar point cloud and derivative products: Classified point cloud, 1m DEM & DSM, Hill shade images.


  • Data Provider

    Airborne Imaging, a Clean Harbors company

  • Contributors

    Airborne Imaging, a Clean Harbors company

  • Coverage


  • Currency

  • Product Type

    Rasters, Point Clouds

  • Format


  • Projection

    UTM (Zone 11), nad83csrs, cgvd28 / Horizontal: EPSG 2955 & 2956, Vertical: 5713

  • Accuracy

    10cm RMSE vertical, 20cm RMSE horizontal

  • Other Specifications

    Point cloud: LAS 1.2 format / Elevation grids: 32bit GeoTIFF format / Hill shade images: 8bit GeoTIFF format

  • Publisher

    Alberta Data Partnerships

  • Data License

    Open Data Areas Data License

2.37 GB

Product Image


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