Comprehensive Automated Land Inventory

Fox Creek

The Comprehensive Automated Land Inventory (CALI) system uses digital imagery and advanced imagery processing algorithms to complete a highly detailed individual tree inventory.

The 4 CALI layers used to describe the forest cover are:

Tree Species Map - Individual tree crowns classified by species.

Merchantable Timber Volume - Gross merchantable tree volume in cubic meters per hectare.

Merchantable Stem Density - Count of merchantable trees per hectare.

Merchantable Tree Biomass - Biomass of merchantable trees in kilograms.


  • Data Provider


  • Contributors

    North West Geomatics

  • Coverage

    Partial Fox Creek AOI (T58,59-R22,23-W5)

  • Currency

  • Product Type


  • Format


  • Projection

    NAD 83, UTM Zone 11 N

  • Accuracy

    20m rasters

  • Other Specifications

    Estimated Species Classification Accuracy 85%

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  • Data License


260.50 MB

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